Finding The Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses for Wedding

Wedding is a special occasion that needs to be celebrated with your dear ones to make it a memorable event. Needless to say, the bridesmaids add a good touch of glamour to the wedding occasion along with the bride. However, choosing bridesmaids dresses is no easy task, to select bridesmaid dresses considering the shape and style that ensures that all of the girls feel and look good. Here are some tips.


First of all, avoid a bridesmaid dress that will distract from the wedding dress. You can look for different types of dresses for bridesmaids are of different brands over the Internet. There are high chances that you might run into a website great prices on dresses for bridesmaid dresses and other formal offers. Similarly, some stores put on sale their products. Find good dresses at very reasonable prices at these shops.


Find the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids; the bridesmaid dresses should suit the theme of wedding ceremony. It is not an easy thing to be a bridesmaid, because she has to highlight the wedding, but cannot steal the bride’s thunder. The dresses must suit the status of bridesmaids, on the other side; these colors highlight the bridesmaids’ skin tone. If a wedding has more than one bridesmaid, they can wear different style of gowns with same color. Different styles with same color, by wearing these gowns, every bridesmaid can show up their unique beauty.


The dresses you choose must echo the theme of your wedding ceremony. It means that the bridesmaid dress should have something in common with your bridal dress, such as the color and style. To some extent, it may highlight the theme. If the wedding dress is ball gown, a slinky bridesmaid dress is not suitable.


Trying to let your bridesmaids choose their own style of dresses with same color, if you have more than one bridesmaids. It will perk up a wedding ceremony when each girl walks down the aisle in different style but same color. And they will happy that they can choose their own favorite styles. So, if you want to save time to do other things, just pick a color and then let your bridesmaid do the last things.

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popular style Prom Dresses in 2015

Why spend a fortune on a dress you’ll wear for one night? With a little creativity and a lot of time, you cans snag a fabulous prom dress for less. Let see some popular style prom dresses 2015.

Black and white prom dress: this is a classic combination that is just as elegant today as it was when your grandmother attended prom. When selecting a dress silhouette, choose something that’s equal parts trendy and timeless. This silhouette, with its streamlined strapless bodice, cinched waist, and flouncy skirt, fits the retro red carpet bill.


Red prom dress: A shopping rule of thumb to keep in mind, whether you’re looking for Ts, shoes, or prom dresses: deep shades always look more expensive than their pastel counterparts. Shades of strawberry and raspberry make a gown looks ready for the red carpet, even if you snagged it for price that would make a starlet’s jaw drop.


Little black dress: Venture out of the standard prom boutique and explore the evening gowns at your favorite department store. You can uncover gorgeous full-length dresses often for a fraction of the price. Covered in rows of frilly, feminine ruffles, the otherwise sleek black column dress looks hip and elegant at the same time.


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Bridesmaid Gift Guide

Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and the women you’ve selected to be by your side when you say “I do” — so telling them how much they mean to you should involve more than a tacky keychain. If you’ve been wondering what sort of gift to give your bridesmaids as a token of appreciation for their special role in your wedding, this gift guide is for you! Here are a few ideas for giving your bridesmaids a personal present they will actually enjoy:

Bridesmaid Dresses

It might not sound impressive, but the truth is that most bridesmaids would be thrilled to know you’re footing the bill for their dresses. This is particularly helpful when you have friends who are tight on resources and struggling to cover their gowns.


Everybody appreciates a pretty necklace or bracelet, particularly when it’s high in quality and versatile. Look for something your girls can wear with their bridesmaids’ dresses and keep wearing for years to come, whether that means matching jewelry or jewelry that is specific to each girl. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, but avoid cheap costume jewelry that will break in a few weeks.


Clutches or Handbags

Find a charming clutch to match your bridesmaids’ dresses, and give them the perfect accessory to complete their wedding look. Bonus points if you make it a particularly impressive designer clutch or, at least, something they can wear with other outfits in the future. Similar ideas include handbags, cosmetic bags or wallets. Or you may want to give them monogrammed overnight bags or wristlets.

Spa Day

Sometimes the best gift is not an object, but rather an experience. Give your girls a day at the spa and make them feel pampered and loved. Plus, this gift is something your entire bridal party can enjoy together, building relationships between friends who previously didn’t know each other well and setting the group up for more camaraderie on the wedding day.


Along the lines of a luxury spa day, treat your bridesmaids to beautiful robes they can wear while getting reading with the bridal party and in their own homes day to day. Look for robes that will feel special to your girls (i.e., something you yourself would want to own). If you all get ready together on the day of the wedding, robes make for fun photo opportunities, too.

Personalized Albums

When done well, handmade gifts are thoughtful and often more meaningful than generic presents. They can also add a personal touch that makes recipients feel cared for — and one such gift is a personalized album. If you have the time and the desire, you might make individual albums for each bridesmaid, including photos and memories from your relationship with that girl.

Fancy Soaps or Candles

Give your friends gifts that are as luxurious as they are practical. Soap and candles are both useful and enjoyable. Look for extra-special options like organic soaps from a local maker or candles with slick packaging.

When you’re trying to plan presents for your bridal party, the above list gives you a great place to start! But whatever gift you decide on, be sure to take the time to include a thoughtful note if possible, too. This is sometimes the most meaningful part of the present, and it gives you a chance to tell your closest friends how much they mean to you with words as well as gifts.

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How to choose cheap prom dress

You can always have it tailored. Don’t focus too much on the fit. If you find a bargain on a dress that’s a size too big or too long, just take it to the tailor for a few tweaks.
Don’t ignore a “boring” dress. Sometimes the most cheap prom dresses are simple, blank canvases. With a little creativity, a plain dress can be jazzed up with a fistful of layered necklaces, a cluster of brooches, or a colorful obi belt.

Ask to peek through the closets of your sister, cousin, mother, grandmother, friend or neighbor. Voila! Dresses that once carried a hefty price tag are suddenly free and at your fingertips.
Don’t take a dress at face value. Zoom in on any dresses that could be chopped, draped, sewn or decorated into a trendy piece of prom art.
Think like a seamstress. Sleeves can be removed, the neckline can be modified, a sash can nip the waist, the length can be shortened, and the silhouette can be tailored. Keep in mind that little alterations can make an enormous difference in the vibe of a dress.

Why spend money on a prom dress when someone you know might have a perfectly good one gathering dust somewhere? Raid the closets of your older sister, your college-aged friends, your cousins – even your mom, your aunts and your grandma if you want to score something vintage. If you find a dress they’re willing to part with but it doesn’t quite fit, you could take it for alteration.

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How to choose plus size prom dress

Are you dreading your Prom Night because you just don’t know how to choose a dress which will not only look fabulous but make you feel fabulous too. Many plus size prom dresses look fantastic on the hanger, mannequin or model in the catalog, but when you put them on it doesn’t look like the same dress at all. To avoid this you need to think about your body shape, and what style of dress will flatter your figure best. You may be surprised to know that curvy girls actually have a wide choice of prom dresses to choose from, it’s just about finding the right cut to make the most of your voluptuous figure.

So here are some hints, tips and rules to follow to find your perfect dress. If you get this right then you will certainly look and feel like the belle of the ball.

Often the main factor in choosing a prom dress is the price, so you start by looking for cheap plus size prom dresses. Now this is fine, but it is extremely important that the dress fits correctly, and although the dress may have been bought on sale, it doesn’t have to look like it cost any less than designer plus size evening wear. Inexpensive prom dresses don’t have to look cheap! To get the best prices, it is a good idea to search for your dress well before Prom Season begins.

Before you go shopping either in a store or online make sure that you measure yourself properly. Use a cloth tape to measure your bust, whilst wearing a well fitted bra, around it’s fullest, also measure your waist, which is about an inch above your navel, and your hips across their widest part. Write down these measurements.

Most importantly wear something that you feel comfortable in, if you don’t like to show too much flesh, then go for a modest prom dress with sheer sleeves, or short sleeves. Perhaps you don’t want to wear a full length prom dress, instead look for plus size cocktail dresses, use 1950s style dresses as your inspiration. Add a shrug or shawl to complete the look. If you would prefer something more alternative then gothic style is a huge trend for 2007. For this look choose vintage style prom dresses which feature brocade, perhaps a layer of black lace over jewel tone satins, red, deep blue, green or purple, i think the black prom dress is a good choice.

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What To Think About When Choosing Your Bridesmaids

Have you yet to ask your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids and stand beside you at the altar when you say, “I do?” Are you trying to figure out who you actually want walking down the aisle with you on your big day? There’s a lot to think about when choosing your bridesmaids. From who will step up and be reliable and helpful, to not ruffling any feathers or hurting the feelings of the women in your life, this can be a terribly stressful part of the wedding planning process. But before you start to worry and tense, here are some quick and easy pointers on what to think about and how to choose your bridesmaids.

1. First things first, who will be your maid of honor? 

Before choosing your line of women, think about who will be your main lady. Will it be your sister, your fiance’s sister, your best friend or even your cousin? It’s important you decide this big decision first before you pick the rest of the pack. And before you start asking, make sure you’re very sure because you can’t rescind the invitation.

2. Talk about the number.

Do you really want 12 ladies standing by you at the altar? Or is three enough? It’s really important that you decide how much is too much or how few isn’t enough to account for everyone you love. If you’re having a very small and intimate wedding you may not want an overreaching bridal party. So, before you start asking, make sure the number of your party makes sense.

3. How important are their responsibilities?

If you want your maids to help you with everything from dress shopping to putting together DIY place settings, then make sure you’re asking reliable ladies. And that doesn’t mean in the finance department. Just because you think one of your besties can’t afford a new gown, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask her to be a part of your big day. Instead, make sure she knows that she’s wanted and you can either help her out or make sure she knows that you understand if its not doable right now. What’s more important is that you choose ladies that will help you out in a pinch.

4. Think outside-the-box. 

Not all “bridesmaids” have to be women. You don’t have to ask the traditional women in the your life if they aren’t the ones closest to you. So, if you’d like you brother to stand by your side or your best friend is a man, then don’t be afraid to ask him to be there for you! No, they don’t need to wear a gown but they can definitely be right there supporting you on one of the biggest days of your life.

5. Be confident in your choices.

Like we said above, you cannot rescind your invitation so make sure when you ask someone to be your bridesmaid that you are 100% confident in that decision. You don’t need to ask someone just because they asked you. You don’t need to ask someone because your mother or mother-in-law to be expects or wants you to. This is your day and you need to be comfortable in every choice you make.

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choose little black dress for your cocktail party

Cocktail dresses is popular recently, they are a social party between friends, families etc and are being thrown with the main purpose to enjoy the eve. The main thing to the cocktail party hitting is cocktail dress. Similarly to enjoy the best flavor of cocktail party it’s very important to know about enhancing beauty tips related to cocktail dresses.

As indicated earlier that cocktail parties are for fun thus cocktail outfits should also be fun and flirty in appearance. Fun and flirty dresses are best represented by short thus short cocktail dresses will do the best. You can go for simple or detailed dress both but don’t exaggerate. Little bit of sequin or embroidery will do a lot in enhancing your look. Other style dresses for putting an impression are halter cocktail dress, strapless cocktail dress, V-neckline cocktail dress, ruffled hem cocktail dress, handkerchief hem cocktail dress, sequined cocktail dress and so on.

Color of the dress is the ultimate way to build your confidence level in a party. It can brighten up your cocktail party too. Though which color dress to don is an individual’s choice but still there are some colors that if worn can easily make an entrance. Keeping aside black, if you can’t make sure of the color for your dress.

Today i introduce a classic and popular so far style dress for cocktail party, it is little black dress, this style dress is the best option to wear for cocktail parties since years and will remain so forever. It lends a chic look on wearing. But changes are always welcome in fashion line and are very good to alter the appearance. The little black dress is classic and popular so far style for cocktail dress.

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How To Choose Your Bridesmaids

Planning a wedding is all about making choices: the dress (wedding dress, bridesmaid dress…), the venue, the cake, the music, the décor…perhaps one of the biggest choices is who to have as your bridesmaids. If feeling a bit overwhelmed in terms of who to pick, check out the following five questions to ask yourself and make the decision easier:

1) How Big Will This Wedding Be?

Traditionally, the number of bridesmaids is contingent on the size and type of the wedding. Formal affairs generally call for more bridesmaids, while smaller weddings usually feature small parties, assuming there’s a party at all. While you don’t have to follow this rule exactly, it’s a good idea to keep the bridal party in line with the number of guests at the wedding.

2) What Does My Future Hubby Want?

Your groom is likely to have his own opinions on the wedding party, so talk to him about it as soon as possible. While it’s not a huge deal to have more bridesmaids than groomsmen, you will have to get creative regarding the processional.

3) Will We Be Friends in 10 or 20 Years?

It’s important to have only your closest friends and sisters up there with you, yes? So if debating about those you’ve only known for a short time, or have rocky relationships with anyway, just think long-term and go from there.

4) Is She Bridesmaid Material?

Okay, this question probably seems a bit harsh, however being a bridesmaid comes with responsibilities, and Maid of Honor even more. If she’s crazy-busy with work, is dealing with personal issues and otherwise seems unfit for the job, don’t add drama to your wedding by asking her to be a bridesmaid!

5) Does She Like the Groom?

Bridesmaids are there to be supportive of you on your wedding day and (traditionally) “hold you accountable” to the vows you’re making. This means the women you pick to be bridesmaids should be big fans of the groom! If she’s said over and over again how much she doesn’t care for him, it’s probably a good idea to leave her out of the bridal party.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

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Choose right formal prom dress that could fit you well

Are you dreading your Prom Night because you just don’t know how to choose a dress which will not only look fabulous but make you feel fabulous too. Many plus size prom dresses look fantastic on the hanger, mannequin or model in the catalog, but when you put them on it doesn’t look like the same dress at all. To avoid this you need to think about your body shape, and what style of dress will flatter your figure best. You may be surprised to know that curvy girls actually have a wide choice of prom dresses to choose from, it’s just about finding the right formal prom dress to make the most of your voluptuous figure.

Formal dresses can make women look gorgeous. It can be for any occasion’s weddings, military balls, formal dinners, opening gala event at the opera or many other occasions where long formal dress will be appropriate choice of attire. For women who have hourglass body shape is lucky because they can choose almost any style of dress and look good. The best features of the hourglass figure are the waist and the curves. Choose a dress that accentuates your curves. If you don’t have the body type that does not have too many curves then you can wear a “A-line” DRESS. This dress gives the appearance.

Always choose a dress size which fits the largest part of your body. The dress can then be altered and taken in to fit your figure correctly.

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choices that you must make when picking your bridesmaids dress

Your bridesmaids dress is a reflection of your taste and your wedding. Therefore, there are five choices that you must make when picking your bridesmaids dress. The first choice is length. The two most common lengths are knee-length and floor length. The next choice is style. Currently, popular styles include strapless, v-neck, and spaghetti straps. Another choice is the design of the dress. The dress can be simple, fun, conservative, or elegant. Furthermore, you need to decide on the look of the dress. You can choose from solid colors, multiple colors, patterns, and more. The last choice you will need to make is the color. Color can be difficult to do, especially since there are so many variations of each color. Each choice is important, but no bridesmaids dress should overpower the importance of the wedding.

First thing is to find the Right Feel, take your time and decide how you want the bridesmaid dresses to complement your wedding gown. Find a style that evokes the same feel as your dress but isn’t too similar — you don’t want your bridesmaids looking like the bride.

Then choose the right style, Search for a style that flatters the different sizes and shapes of your bridesmaids. A-line bridesmaid dresses and high waistline bridesmaid dresses to look good on all body types.

Consider mismatched bridesmaid dresses, then choosing a color or fabric and then letting each bridesmaid pick a style that best suits her body type. Your petite bridesmaid and taller attendant may look totally different in the same dress and would surely appreciate the chance to pick their own style.

Color is also necessary, Choose colors that you like and think would look good on all of your friends ,consider their complexions and hair colors. Brighter colors are generally more flattering with darker complexions, while pastel hues are a perfect pick for girls with fairer skin.

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