1, What’s the material of dress?
     Please check description of this dress above picture, then you can see material of this dress.

2, What’s the size I could choose?
     Standard size or custom size
     There are no extra cost to do custom size, so we usually suggest custom size, then dress will be fit well, we need following measurement
     bust______ cm/inch 
     shoulder to shoulder :_______cm/inch (measured from back of shoulder) 
     shoulder to bust :_______cm/inch (measured from middle shoulder to nipple)  
     shoulder to waist :_______cm/inch (measured from middle of shoulder to natural waist) 
     shoulder to hem :_______cm/inch (measured from middle of shoulder over nipple to end of skirt) 
     nipple to nipple:_______cm/inch 
     armhole__________cm/inch (end of arm), only necessary for long sleeve, one shouder, off shouder styles.

  3, What’s the color I could choose?
      Picture colors or custom colors, just choose color from our color chart freely and leave color number or color name in the note list, we will confirm with you again when we receive your order,          if you can’t make sure color, we could send you fabric sample.

 4, What’s the delivery time
     Normal delivery time is around 20-25 days
     Rush order is within 10-15 days

5. What payment methods do you currently accept? 
     Paypal, Credit card, Bank transfer, Western Union

6, What’s the packing of this order?
    Each dresses packed into water proof plastic bag, then outside package is from DHL, UPS or Fedex, we can make sure your goods will be safe till you receive them.

7, What’s your shipping way?
    By DHL, UPS, shipping time is within 3-5 days

8, What’s your Return Policy: 

All dresses made by hand work, although we can’t be careful, there might be some small problems which we can’t be totally avoided, but take it easy, if there are our problems to make dresses wrong size, color, style, you will get full payment back!
We will accept returns if there are quality problems, wrong delivery time, we also hold the right to refuse any unreasonable returns, such as wrong size you gave us, but we offer free alternation.

But for custom order, sorry we can't accept returning, please note this policy, because even they returned, we can't sell them again in the future.
Please see following for the list of quality issues that are fully refundable for:
Wrong Size, Wrong Colour, Wrong style, Damaged dress Which made by us- 100% Refund or remake one or return 50% payment to you, you keep the dress.

In order for your return or exchange to be accepted, please carefully follow our guide:
1. Contact us within 2 days after you receve goods
2. Provide us with photos of the dress, to show evidence of damage or bad quality, this also applies for the size, or incorrect style and colour etc.
3. The returned item must be in perfect condition (as new), you can try the dress on, but be sure not to stretch it or make any dirty marks, otherwise it will not be accepted.
4. The tracking number of the returned item must be provided together with the reference code issued.
5. If you prefer to exchange dresses, then a price difference will be charged if more expensive.
6. You are required to pay for the shipping fee to return or exchange the dress.
7. When you return the package to us, please pay attention to the following points, if not, customers should pay for the duty:
we put all of our energy and mind into each dress, each of our dress are full of love, our long experience and skilled craftsmanship keep less return rate till now, but if there are our problems, we could return all your payment.
We will try to avoid mistake, we know each dress is so important for each girl, since all dresses made by handwork, there might be mistake, but if it is our problems, we will pay all the loss

9, International taxes
    Except buyers from Unite States, most buyers need to pay customs taxes, in order to save cost for you, we have marked around $30-$40.00 on the invoice, then you pay very less taxes, please note that all shipping cost will be paid before shipping, the express may helpf customs charge internation taxes, it's taxes not shipping cost, some customers may misunderstand this cost, please ask express explain it clearly to you when they delivery goods to you.

10. Where can you ship to?    
  It’s worldwide.

11. What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer on your products?   
  We know quality is the most important thing, there will be big trouble for both of us if there are problems, so we can't be careful with each detail.
  For standard size dresses, they will be put into dummy to check before sending, only they fit dummy well, then we can send them out.
  For Custom size, each dress will be checked at least 4 times by 4 different people before sending, we can control error less than 0.5'', please provide the measurement just as guide need, then we can make sure dress will be fit well.
12 : How do I order multiple items?
Most brides order dresses at a time, we recommend this way, firstly, we could use the same roll material to make them, then it could avoid dye lot shading, secondly, the shipping cost will be half charged from second dress to last one.
Just give us all the information in the note, for example
Dress A
Bridesmaid name:

Dress B